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RB Medical Practice

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Service Provided


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Primary Care

Our primary care team understands the best way to treat a patient is not solely focusing on treating the symptoms of the disease, but equally important is to understand the disease pathophysiology that leads to the symptoms. This way, we prevent recurrent urgent care visits and/or hospitalizations, and a better health outcome.

Chronic Condition Care

Treatment of chronic conditions in our clinic is a team based effort that involves the patient, the patient’s family and his/her physician. This team approach is based on a level of trust, respect and mutual understanding. We believe the role of our doctors is not just to order labs, imaging and to prescribe medications, but we also believe their role is to educate the patients at making the right choice that could alter his/her medical trajectory. For instance, our treatment model with diabetes starts with the patient’s food pantry andrefrigerator. It also involves everyone living in the patient’s house. If a patient has healthy snacks in the food pantry and/or the refrigerator, it will be hard for the patient to “cheat,” and this is a family effort. In the clinic, we reinforce this by providing educational materials, ensuring medication compliance, and creating goals and milestones.

Wellness & Preventive Care

Preventive medicine is a key to living a healthy life. Getting regular Pap smear for cervical cancer screening, colonoscopy for colon cancer screening, mammogram for breast cancer screening and low dose Cat Scan (LDCT) for lung cancer screening are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Please come get yours today.

Sick Visit/Non Emergency Care

We provide urgent care and non-emergency sick visits to our patients. We offer a combination of scheduled, walk-in and face-to-face visits.

Medication Refill

Medication refill is now very easy to do when using your app. Just log into your Healow app, make your request, and we will refill the requested medications as quickly as we can. Alternatively, you could call our office to fulfill this request.